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automatic stripe to xero sync

Automatic Set and Forget

It will take you 2 minutes to get set up. From then on you’ll never have to think about it again. Stripe or Pin Payments transactions, refunds and fees will magically appear in your Xero account every day.

stripe transactions in xero

Reclaim Your Sanity

Does manipulating data manually drive you crazy? Us too. Ditch this painful task forever and get back to working on things that actually matter.

stripe xero reconciliation

Easy Invoice Reconciliation

With the data Silver Siphon pulls in, Xero will automatically match invoices. Reconciling them is as easy as clicking one button. We’ll even roll up fees into a single item each day to make that easier too.

Reconcile your transactions in Xero

Reconciling Stripe & Pin Payments in Xero is a downright pain. Whether you are accepting Xero invoice payments or simply collecting credit card payments, there is no way to work out where that money came from, or who paid it.

That makes things pretty difficult to reconcile. It’s something that should be so simple.

That’s where Silver Siphon steps in and makes this whole process a lot easier.

Each day, your transactions will be imported into Xero and appear right there in your “Reconcile” tab. With bank rules set up, they will automatically match to your invoices or accounts and select the right tax rate. All that is required from you is clicking Xero’s green “OK” button.

Silver Siphon is the only system that does this. That’s because as yet, Xero do not provide the means to create a bank feed via API. We use a special workaround that allows us to create a true “bank feed.”

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We were looking for a scalable product to integrate our Stripe billing gateway and Xero’s accounting system. After researching a number of products, Silver Siphon came out far ahead of everyone else on the market – simple, reliable, scalable backed up by a team always willing to help.

– Brian Sharwood


Silver Siphon has allowed me to avoid the unnecessary expense of paying for a manual data transfer. It makes reconciling Stripe transactions a cinch. Every one who uses Xero and Stripe should use it.

– Clifton Griffin @clifgriffin




$9 USD/mo

$12 AUD/mo in Australia
  • Up to 100 transactions


$29 USD/mo

$36 AUD/mo in Australia
  • 501+ transactions